Bucket List #2: Paris

As much fun as I had writing about Rome yesterday, I’m even more excited to write about Paris! I feel like I’m getting all the traditional American cliches out of the way early, but this is definitely somewhere I’ve always dreamed of taking the love of my life! I don’t know about you, but I feel like ‘romance’ or ‘romantic’ is almost synonymous with Paris, at least in the eyes of most Americans. Similar to yesterdays post, I’ll take you through three places in Paris that I’d love to visit WHEN I go. Also, hold me accountable to using the word “if” when speaking about the places I’m going to go. I’m going to speak it into existence by saying “when” instead of “if.” Cheesy, I know, but it’s gonna happen! Anyways, I know there’s no possible way I can cover all I want to do in Paris, so this would also need to be a multi-week trip. I feel like I’m going to say that about everywhere I choose to write about! If you’ve ever been there and have some insight as to what our family should do, shoot me a comment on here or on social media!

First: Eiffel Tower (Duh).

Would this be anywhere but first on my list? Until researching about Paris (and France as a whole), I really didn’t know much about it other than the Eiffel Tower! When researching it some more, however, I learned some truly fascinating things about this tower! The idea was for the tower to be designed to serve as an entrance into the World Fair. This tower was only supposed to last for 20 years, and was widely criticized as a “monstrosity” (planetware.com) when it was first constructed. This, however, became the most recognized structure on the Paris skyline, so naturally, it was left to bask in its beauty. Along with visiting the tower comes my desire to sample as much French cuisine as possible, and this would be a perfect place to visit Le Jules Verne restaurant. This Michelin-starred restaurant sits on the 2nd level of the tower, and has a panoramic view of the Paris architecture. Trust me, when we go to Paris, this will be a no-brainer (and I’ll even take lots of pictures for you all, now that I actually remember)! I did read that the restaurant does not oblige its guests to wear suits or ties, but that casual wear like shorts and t-shirts would not be acceptable, so this would be an amazing place to get a phenomenal, formal meal with Rebecca, and to view the gorgeous skyline.

Next: The Louvre.

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my feelings for fine art were really discovered, and even then, those feelings would put on hold for four years while I played baseball in college. After being out of college, I’ve rediscovered the love I have for almost all fine arts, and that’s why the Louvre is on my ‘must-do’ list when I visit Paris. As I’ve already discussed, I’ve also become somewhat of a history junkie in the last few months, so seeing sculptures and paintings dating back to the 17th century would just be incredible. The thought of standing in front of a creation that someone actually made over 400 years ago gives me chills just thinking about it. I can’t imagine actually seeing it up close and personally. I do admit, as a newly found history buff, things like this elicit an emotional response inside of me that I didn’t know existed for a long time. Of course, the Mona Lisa, would have to be at the top of my list, but I have been reading that the process for actually seeing the piece is excruciatingly inefficient. From what I can tell, the closest anyone can get is about 12 feet, and that the room where it’s exhibited is suffocating when at capacity, as it usually is. I’ve never been, so I can’t make any judgment, but this will be one thing I keep in mind when the family goes. Even if it’s annoying, I can’t not see arguably the most famous work of art in world history. For you major art fans, don’t judge me for saying that. I’m just an average and ordinary person, and I’d bet 4/5 average people like me would say Mona Lisa if you asked them to name a work of art off the top of their head. If I’m wrong about that, let me know in the comments 🙂 .

Last: A football match at Le Parc des Princes (home stadium of Paris Saint-Germain).

I know it seems odd that I’d put this ahead of other amazing things to do in Paris, but above all, I’m a gigantic sports fan! PSG’s stadium holds about 50,000 people, and as amazing of an environment it was to see an MLS match in Cincinnati, I can’t imagine what it’s like watching one in Europe! Ultimately, I want to see some Premier League matches, but I’ll save those for future posts! PSG is one of the most well known clubs in the world, and is by far and away the best team in the French league right now. They’ve won 2 league titles in a row, and 6 of the last 7. I know it’s beginning to sound like I’m making things up, but being a soccer fan (sorry, as an American, it’s confusing on whether or not I should say soccer or football!) is something that really started about 2 years ago. I went to some obligatory matches in college because my then-girlfriend was on the school team, but I never got into it as an actual fan. Sure, me and my roommates played FIFA all the time in our apartments, but I would never go out of my way to watch a match on TV. That changed about 3 years ago, but this year in particular, I would literally wake up early on Sunday mornings to watch the matches going on in the English Premier League before we went to church (or after, depending on which service we went to). Back to PSG; the stadium looks immaculate from the pictures I’ve seen, and this would be an absolute thrill to see one of the best clubs in the world up close!

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that there are other things that will 100% be done on this trip, for example: The Notre Dame cathedral, Palais Garnier, Luxembourg Gardens, and like I said earlier, as many cafes and bistros as possible! I get so excited when writing about this stuff that I think we just need to move our family to Europe for a couple years (shh, don’t tell Rebecca, I have to work my way into that one!). Anyways, thank you so much for reading! As always, comment here or on social media about your experiences in Paris! I’d love to learn from every one of you 🙂


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