Bucket List #5: Prague!

Prague was another idea that came from the trip Rebecca and I were planning a while. Although you now know that we didn’t go on that trip, we spent a couple weeks just searching for a quality destination. Had we gone on the trip, we would have gone to Rome. We ended up planning our finances around that being our destination. When that didn’t work out though, I had myself a nice little list of places to consider for future trips. This allows us to research places that we never would have thought of, and one of those places was Prague! It’s a place that anyone I know that’s been there has talked about how beautiful it is, but I don’t think I’d ever considered it as a touristy destination, at least in the small bubble that I lived it. However, this was fun to research, and here are a few things that we MUST do when our family visits Prague!

First: Charles Bridge.

This pictures of this bridge are magnificent, and it’s one of many architectural masterpieces in the Czech Republic. The bridge is suspended over the Vltava River, the longest river in the country. One really cool fun fact about this bridge is the legend surrounding the exact time at which construction began. At the time, King Charles was fond of the power of numbers. The believed time of constructions was 5:31 a.m., on July 9th, 1357. The way dates and times were displayed (obviously different from the U.S.) would’ve made that date look like this: 1357 9, 7 5:31, effectively forming a palindrome (a number or word that looks the same backwards as it does forwards. I don’t know why he was so fond of numbers, but I thought that was a super interesting story! There are 30 statues along the bridge symbolizing different historical figures. Unfortunately, the statues are all replicas, as the originals are in the National Museum, also located in Prague (I’ll most certainly visit the National Museum, but I’ve written about quite a few museums already).

Next: St. Vitus Cathedral.

While I’m at St. Vitus, I’d be able to kill two birds with one stone, as this cathedral is located on the property of the Prague Castle, which is the number 1 ranked tourist destination in Prague according to planetware.com. St. Vitus is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague, and it’s the largest church in the country. While work on the cathedral started in the mid 1300s, it wasn’t officially completed until 1929, meaning that the project was never “officially” completed, although the cathedral was functional and would largely appear to be a finished product for most people. Another cool things about this church is that it’s the burial site for several Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors. This is also the location of the tomb of St. Vitus himself, and of St. John of Nepomuk (fascinating read). Visitors are welcome to attend mass, and you can also climb the cathedrals main tower to get phenomenal views over the city, two things that I would most certainly take advantage of upon visiting!

Last: Old Town Square.

There’s so much to do at Old Town Square, I almost couldn’t narrow down where I’d want to go! The history of this small area is amazing. One of the cooler things I found was a statue in the center of Old Town Square dedicated to Jan Hus, who was burned at the stake for his religious views. If you have a couple minutes, search “Jan Hus” and read his Wikipedia page. I know not everything form Wikipedia is completely accurate, but the story itself is simply amazing. Perhaps the coolest thing I found about this area is Prague Orloj (or, Prague astronomical clock). This clock is 1) Humongous, 2) Beautiful, and 3) The 3rd oldest astronomical clock in the world (1410), and the oldest one that’s still active. If you follow me on Instagram, check out the picture of this amazing clock! This would also, be a fantastic place to visit over Christmas because the Christmas Market in Prague is ranked as one of the top 10 worldwide! Rebecca and I live across the street from a major Christmas market in Indiana, so this would be a really cool sight to see, especially since the perspective may be different being in a different country!

So, I’m done for today, but I wanted to say thank you to anyone that’s been reading! I hope I’m providing good enough content for you, but I’ve also had a blast just researching these places and thinking about the awesome time my family will have when we can visit and report back to you all about our time there!


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