Bucket List #9: Brussels

So, we’re back in Europe today, for a little look into what I’d like to do when our family visits the capital of the European Union, Brussels! I didn’t refer back to my previous posts for this one, but I believe Brussels was on our list of destinations we wanted to visit when we were planning a nice little month to two month long trip. While Rebecca ruled it out pretty quickly, it stuck with me as somewhere very unique that I definitely want to see soon! Part of it’s appeal to me is that it’s not a mainstream vacation destination that most people in the States talk about. I’ve heard some people from here talking about Bruges or Ghent, but I actually don’t think I’ve met anyone that’s been to Brussels. With that roundabout intro paragraph, here are three things I want to do in Brussels!

First: Grand Place.

The main plaza in downtown Brussels has an illustrious history, with most of the buildings having been built in the 16-1700s. It’s history actually goes back to the 11th century, but it was later established as the epicenter of politics and economics in Belgium.

Next: Here’s a different one for ya….the Belgian Comic Strip Center.

This is definitely the most outside the box attraction that I’ve suggested visiting since starting the blog! From what I can read, there are about 200 rotating exhibits, ranging from comic strip drawings to manuscripts and reconstructed sets. How fun! There may be some more historically significant things to do while in Brussels, but this is something very outside the box that would be awesome for a lighter and relaxing day 🙂

Last: Palais Royal.

This is the official residence of the Belgian Royal Family. I’ll make sure to post a picture of this on Instagram so you can see how gorgeous it is. This would have to be a summer trip, as the palace is only open for tourists during a select range of time in the summer. But now, on to my favorite part of my new format……here are three dishes I’m looking forward to when visiting Brussels!

  1. Frites/Fries
    • Here’s a funny legend for you. There’s a rumor that U.S. soldiers ate these during WWII, and mistakenly thought they were in France (no idea how that could’ve happened), but gave them the name French fries when they came home. Regardless, several websites I’ve seen have mentioned this at the top of their list, so I’d be curious to see if their take is different than what we have here in the States!
  2. The most obvious choice….waffles!
    • The waffles in Belgium are said to have deeper grooves to hold more of whatever your topping of choice is, and that they’re a bit less doughy and a bit crispier. I’m salivating, by the way. Waffles are easily in my top 3 foods to have for breakfast, so this is an absolute no-brainer!
  3. Carbonnades flamades
    • A hearty beef stew fortified with beer (duh) instead of wine, usually served with a side of those frites I mentioned earlier! While I’m on the topic of beer……you can rest assured that there will be many a pint consumed while in Belgium! Don’t worry, I’ll spread it out over a few days so I’m not a drunken idiot, but this is perhaps the “cuisine” I’m most looking forward to!

Alright everyone, that’s what I’m excited for when visiting Brussels! As always, if you’ve ever been, please let me know how your experience was, and leave some useful tips about your trip that our community can use going forward 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bucket List #9: Brussels

  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve been in Brussels twice… However, just passing by, so everytime I see a wonderful post like this I think to myself I should stay and discover the city eheh be well and be safe, greetings from Portugal, PedroL


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