Bucket List USA #5: Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is the only place in the U.S. that I haven’t experience yet, and I intend to end that with a visit to Seattle! We recently had some friends in a small group we’re part of move to Indianapolis from Seattle, so it’s been fun to hear them describe what life is like over there. I also played baseball with two guys from the University of Gonzaga (Spokane, WA) that were able to tell me a little bit more about that part of the country. I’d love to give more reasons as to why I want to visit there, but I just genuinely have wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest for quite some time, and there’s really no other reason required 🙂 With all that being said, here are the things I want to do in Seattle!

First: Space Needle.

This one was too easy. In fact, I’d be willing to be that most Midwesterners like me would say that the Space Needle is synonymous with Seattle if you asked them to tell you anything about the city. With a 360 view, and an absolutely GORGEOUS view of Mt. Rainier, this would be my #1 thing to do while I’m here.

Next: Museum of Flight.

Always have to have a museum, right? This would be incredibly cool for me, but I actually think my son, Griffin, would have a blast here! He’s probably not quite old enough to really appreciate it, but he’s into all the normal stuff right now (big trucks, loud car horns, etc…), so I think by the time we’d be able to go visit, this would be mesmerizing to him. The Museum of Flight houses the first Air Force One, and several other amazing military aircraft. Along the same lines, I’d add a trip to the Boeing plant, where visitors can see the process and take a guided tour through the whole factory. How neat??

Last: Discovery Park.

One of the main reasons I want to visit Seattle is to see the gorgeous landscape of that part of the country. Visiting Discovery Park will provide not only an escape from the city, but a way to indulge in the nature surrounding the city. There’s also a learning center with interactive exhibits and information about the park itself. Griffin would love this 🙂

Some honorable mentions for my visit to Seattle include: Museum of Pop Culture, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and Pike Place Market for a day that doesn’t include museums!

Alright….time for food!! Other than seafood (you know, being so close to the ocean and all), I had no clue what’s popular in this area of the country, so the research was fun, so here are the 3 things I’m going to have while in Seattle!

  1. Triple Coconut Cream Pie
    • Wow. Just….wow. My mouth is watering! And yes, I started with dessert before dinner today, don’t judge! It’s lockdown season, so I’ll indulge as I please 🙂
  2. Short-Rib Pho
    • Up until recently, I didn’t know that “Pho” was pronounced “fuh,” so there’s an interesting tid-bit for you! Although this traditionally is a Vietnamese dish, I did read that Seattle has a decent sized Vietnamese population, and that you can get a phenomenal Pho, and my preference is short-rib!
  3. Cream cheese hot dog (or better known as….the Seattle Dog)
    • Yeah, it took me a second to think about this one too. Yes, I love hot dogs, what ballplayer doesn’t? Yes I love cream cheese….on bagels. But, after reading about it, I suppose there’s no harm in trying! I mean, it’s a hot dog. I’m 99.9% sure I’ll love it regardless!

Alright folks, that what I have for you on this dreary day outside! I love writing, but some days are harder than others to get motivated. You all keep me motivated on days I don’t feel like getting the laptop out, so thank you for that 🙂


7 thoughts on “Bucket List USA #5: Seattle

  1. I love that you’ve found a way to still write about travel when we’re not able to go outside. What a great way to bring the travel to you (and to all of us).
    Seattle sounds great. I’ve not been to the States at all yet but its on my own bucket list, and I don’t think Seattle is a place I’ve ever thought about visiting before. I think I may have to now!


    1. I’ve really enjoyed doing this because it’s forced me to find places I may not have previously considered! We all think about the obvious (NYC, LA, Chicago), but I’ve had fun finding places that might not be at the forefront of our minds but still sound like amazing trips!


  2. My dad and I have always wanted to go to Seattle, was hoping to go this year in October for his birthday, but doesn’t look like that will be happening… I’ll have to keep all of this in mind for when we finally make it!


    1. I’ve always heard how beautiful that area of the country is, and I never really thought about it until some friends just moved from Seattle to Indianapolis! Hopefully all this will be over soon and you and your dad can make that a reality 🙂


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