The Least Visited Country in the World: Nauru

Nauru, a small island nation located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is the least visited country in the world. It’s the smallest independent republic in the world in both land area and population. In fact, it would only take you roughly 30 minutes to circle the entire island by car.! Despite its size, Nauru has a rich history and culture that make it an interesting and unique destination for travelers! However, due to several factors, it’s the least visited with just over 200 tourists per year.

There are several reasons why Nauru is so rarely visited by tourists. The most obvious is its remote location. It’s located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so it’s incredibly difficult and expensive to get to. There are no direct flights from any major cities, so travelers have to make multiple connections to reach the island.

Another reason for Nauru’s lack of tourism is its small size (just over 8 square miles). With a population of just over 11,000 people, there aren’t many attractions or activities to do on the island. There are no major landmarks or historical sites, and the island’s economy is largely based on phosphate mining, which isn’t particularly interesting to tourists.

Despite these challenges, there are still a few reasons why people should consider visiting Nauru! One of the biggest draws is the pristine beaches and clear blue waters. Nauru is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and visitors can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and other water sports.

Another reason to visit Nauru is its unique culture and history. The island has a long history of colonization, with influences from various European powers, as well as its neighboring countries in the Pacific. Visitors can learn about this history at the Nauru Museum, which showcases the island’s cultural and natural history.

You know us: we’re major foodies, so it wouldn’t be a blog post by the Fosters if it didn’t include a restaurant we wanted to visit. If you’re planning a trip to Nauru, check out the Taman Beach Restaurant. Located on the island’s west coast, this restaurant serves local cuisine (copious amounts of seafood and pandanus fruit) and offers breathtaking views of the ocean: the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal and a drink!

Nauru may not be the most popular tourist destination in the world, but it’s a unique and interesting place to visit. With its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and unique history, it is worth considering for a bucket list vacation!

With Love,

The Fosters

What’s been going on with the Fosters……

Hey everyone! It has certainly been a while since we’ve written a blog post. However, I’m griped so much on social media about how long it’s been, I figured I’d actually write a post instead of continuing to put it off! I didn’t know what direction to go at first, but I’m excited to actually sit down and write something for the first time in what feels like forever.

Here’s what I want to talk about: Disciple equals Freedom.

It’s not a quote I made up but rather heard from one of my inspirations: Jocko Willink (former Navy SEAL, current motivational speaker, and entrepreneur). I often see clips of motivational talks by Jocko, and I usually like what he has to say, but that quote is one that has resonated with me the most for this coming year. I’ve heard him say it before, but I’ve never internalized it more than I have in the last couple of weeks. So why now? Why has it caught my eye so much more than before? It’s because I’ve made a decision…

Most motivational speakers I’ve heard always have this to say in some form or another: “It starts with a decision.” What decision? To be financially free, to be consistent on social media, to be a better father, to have the discipline I’ve never had before, etc. In the past, we’ve dabbled in tons of different things but never seen them through fruition. So I had to ask myself: Do we really want to have this travel blog? Do we really want to be on social media for hours of the day? Do we really want to document the things we do? It took me finally just asking myself that question to hear my internal voice give a resounding YES! So then the question became, “Then why haven’t you?” Why haven’t I written posts, kept up with our social media, etc.

It all comes back to Jocko’s statement, discipline equals freedom. We haven’t been disciplined about it! “The life” sounds great. Travel to different places, get a few videos of the experience, write a post about it here, and share it on social media. So why haven’t we? It’s simple. Because we haven’t been disciplined. When we started this blog, the assumption was that it would be easy. Just make a few videos, and write a few posts, people will love us, and the money will come rolling in for us to quit our jobs! It sounds ridiculous, but the way we’ve treated our blog and social media over the last year would suggest that that’s what we actually thought! However, 2023 will be different. Why?

Because a decision has been made. Not to post every single day, write a thousand tweets every day, or make 30 Tik Toks every day. But to get better, to have the discipline to carve out the time necessary to create the life we want. It sounds incredible to be able to make money through this blog so we could travel and create content full-time, but will we have the discipline to do so? For me, the answer is an unequivocal yes. So how are we going to do it?

For starters, I’ve made it a goal of mine to wake up at 5:00 a.m. every single day. Some people already do that, and props to you! I’ve struggled for the last couple of years to get out of bed. Usually, it goes like this: The alarm goes off at 6, gets snoozed until 7 when it can’t be snoozed anymore, then our kids wake up and come in to wake me up, so I’m finally forced out of bed with no time to do anything but to get them and myself dressed, eat, then get them to daycare and get to work. However, by getting up at 5:00 (and actually getting to work), I’m giving myself two hours of uninterrupted time to work on the blog, interact on social media, and move projects one step closer to achieving our goal of creating content full-time. I know it won’t be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. I won’t be motivated every single day, but I’ll have the discipline to push through, even on the days when I don’t want to.

So now, my attention shifts to you. Do you have clarity on what it is that you want to do? If not, why? If you do have clarity, are you going to do it? Or will you have another year of going through the motions like we did? We refuse to have two years in a row of “just getting through it.” Will you have the discipline to push forward on days when you don’t want to? Because I promise you, about three days into your 2023 of the “New You,” there’s going to be something that happens that sucks the motivation out. Will you push through then? Will you make that post? Will you get your social media work done? Will you do the mundane so you can achieve your dream? Or will you give in to the emotions; the lack of motivation, just as we have all of 2022?

I really hope this post helps someone. I’m so fired up for 2023, I’m ready to sit in front of the computer all day long to get it done. However, knowing that that isn’t realistic, I’m starting with waking up earlier and dedicating this time to just moving things forward. That’s it. That’s the goal. From 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. when my boys wake up, just move things forward to a better spot than they were yesterday. If you want to follow along, make sure to subscribe to our page, and if you have some similar goals, make sure to follow along on social media so we can all hold each other accountable! We’re most active on Twitter, but you can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Have a great 2023, and remember; discipline equals freedom!

Our Fort Lauderdale Getaway

Hey friends! It’s been quite a while since we’ve last written, but we’re so glad to be back and so glad we were able to get away for a few days and just relax. As you can infer from the title, Rebecca and I spent a few days together in Fort Lauderdale, and it could not have come at a better time! We’d been chatting back and forth for the last few months about needing a little trip together, something to just relax, and Rebecca planned this little trip for us! One thing we’re both really good at is reading the other person and knowing exactly what we need and when we need it, so Rebecca took the initiative from the conversations we’d been having and just went ahead and put the trip together for us without me even knowing! She came up to me about two weeks before we left and just said, “Hey, you don’t have baseball practice on these days right? Good, we’re going on a trip, I’ll tell you what you need to pack, and you’ll figure out where we’re going when we get to the airport,” and away we went!

After the last couple years that everyone has had, I simply could not WAIT to just sit on the beach and relax. Growing up, I was never really a fan of beach vacations unless there was a lot to do around the city we stayed, simply because I was hyper and wanted to go out and do stuff! However, the one thing I’ve learned about being an adult, and especially an adult with multiple children… goodness does relaxing feel good. I never would have thought I’d be so excited to lay on the beach for hours at a time and get swept away in the ambiance of the waves crashing, the seagulls chirping, and the wind blowing, but when you have some time away from the kids, you have to take advantage, right?! So, we had a phenomenal time just catching up on rest and relaxation, and I’ll take you through our day-by-day with some little tips and observations for how you can save some money and maximize your little getaways even better than we did!

Let’s start with the flight: Spirit Airlines.

Anyone that has flown Spirit knows that you typically only fly with them for a single reason: budget. And you know what? That’s perfectly understandable! We’re going through a season in our lives where we’re watching our budget more closely than we ever have for a multitude of reasons. Here is one recommendation though; If you’re going to fly with Spirit (or really any other “budget” airline), just know that any and all of your extras are going to get “nickel and dimed.” Extra bags, carry-ons, personal items, food/drinks on the plane, etc., everything is going to come with a cost, so make sure you look closely at what you’re allowed to bring for free and what they’re going to charge you for. All of the checked bags were $40, so we only took one suitcase for the both of us. We only stayed for three days and two nights, so we were able to manage the bare minimum of clothes so we could bring enough toiletries. We were also allowed one personal item on the plane, but they were very specific with the dimensions of the bag, otherwise, it would’ve been considered a carry-on and we would have been charged for it. I can’t stress enough, read the guidelines on what you will and won’t be charged for! The budget airlines are great, as long as you’re overly prepared and avoid the add ons!

Here’s our first mistake: Transportation.

Initially, the plan was to get there and just Uber or Lyft everywhere we needed to go, but we soon learned that this may not have been the best strategy. We landed in Fort Lauderdale late in the evening (we chose a late flight so we could spend as much time with our boys on that Sunday as possible), but instead of being proactive and calling an Uber right away, we waited until we were at baggage claim, and by then, the wait was going to be over 30 minutes, with a price tag of $75 for a 15-minute ride! As ridiculous as that sounds, we should have been more prepared for it. We’d previously had a ride with Uber into downtown Indianapolis for the Big Ten football championship game that cost about $15 for a 15-minute ride, but the same ride home was over $100! Unfortunately, we had to bite the bullet and take whatever ride we could get. Throughout the next couple of days, the price of the Uber rides went dramatically down, but the number of rides we took was roughly the same cost as renting a car from Enterprise. We actually did rent a car for Monday because we knew we were going to be doing some driving for what we had planned, but we ended up extending our rental car through Tuesday because the price (about $65 per day) was going to make more sense than taking 5 or 6 $10+ rides through Uber or Lyft, and we had the flexibility to be spontaneous with the rental car. Now, if you’re going to be staying in a place right on the beach and are planning to just be there all day for your trip, then, by all means, Uber to the place you’re staying and have at it! But, if you have plans to go out to breakfast, then to the beach, maybe somewhere else for lunch, and back out for dinner, the number of rides will start to add up. So, all in all, our recommendation would be to look at your schedule ahead of time and see how many Uber rides you’d had to take each day, and if it’s going to be more than 4, we’d recommend just renting a car. It’s going to be less headache, you won’t be subject to the schedule of the drivers in your area, and you won’t be vulnerable to surge pricing like we were. Hope that helps!

Now, let’s talk about where we stayed!

We stayed at a lovely little Airbnb called “Blue Mars” in Oakland Park, Florida, and it was exactly what we needed and nothing more! We’ll have some pictures for you below, but our place was a beautiful little studio with a king bed, a television with a few different streaming services, a couch with a coffee table leading into the kitchen, which had a toaster oven, microwave, and a coffee maker (as long as we have this, what else do you really need!) And the bathroom had a smart mirror that would head itself whenever there was condensation from the shower, so when you came out of the shower, you wouldn’t have to smear the mirror with a towel! A small touch, but we thought it was pretty cool! And the shower was humongous with an overhead handle, so we really enjoyed having space to move around (our shower at home is really tight, so it was refreshing lol). Here’s the biggest thing we’ve learned about picking where to stay: Pick a place based on the activities you’re going to be doing. We often choose places based on the pictures online, the amenities it comes with, and the ambiance of the property, and don’t get me wrong, those things are certainly important! However, understand that the most important thing is the activities you have planned for your stay. If your vacation will be like ours where you’re going out for lunch and dinner, doing some shopping, going to the beach, etc., then you really just need a place to sleep. Again, you certainly want to make sure you’re staying somewhere safe and somewhere that has something to keep you moderately entertained like a television, but don’t pay $150 for a place just because it looks cool and the person did a good job writing their description. Find a place to suits the purpose that you need it for. On the other hand, if you plan on cooking most of your meals and spending a lot of time in the place that you’re staying (like we do when to go to Nagshead, NC, or Virginia Beach, VA), then you definitely want to spend more on the place! It’s all about what YOU need for your specific vacation.

Next, let’s talk itinerary!

We arrived late on Sunday, March 28th, so that night, we just went to the Airbnb and got unpacked. Monday, Rebecca had planned a little surprise for me that was super awesome! She took me to the last Spring Training game of the preseason between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals! If you’ve followed along with us on any of our social media, you’ll know that I’m a baseball coach and played baseball for my entire life, all the way through college, so it’s an incredible passion of mine. So, we went to the game, ate some hot dogs, chicken tenders, and fries, and of course, drank some beer! This was the first professional sporting event we’d been to since the beginning of the pandemic, so it was amazing to be outside, in the sun, watching a sport we both love, all while taking in the sounds and smells of the ballpark! After the game, we drove a little further to meet a dear friend of ours for dinner in West Palm Beach, all while driving the coast of West Palm and seeing 20+ million-dollar mansions! After dinner with our friend, we went back down the coast to Pompano Beach, where we saw the Hillsboro Lighthouse and watched huge yachts come to and from the ocean!

Tuesday, we spent most of our day at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, which, if you’ve never been, was a super cool, albeit super touristy little town filled with shops and restaurants down the main strip, leading to a beautiful beach, where we spent most of our afternoon! Lunch that day was at a little taqueria called Tacocraft, where we indulged in plenty of tacos and adult beverages! If you ever go, we 100% recommend the chicken al pastor tacos! That evening, we had dinner at a little Caribbean restaurant called Aruba, which sat right next to the beach, so we had some really nice views for dinner! While I’d say the food was a touch underwhelming, one thing they certainly got right was the loaf of bread with honey butter that came out before the meal! If we could do it again, we literally might have just gotten the whole loaf and called it a day.

Wednesday, we returned our car and walked back to our Airbnb to get a little exercise (it was about a 1.5-mile walk, so nothing crazy), and got all packed up. Here’s a shout out to the people that hosted us at Blue Sky: they actually let us have the room until 4 p.m. that day, even though we were supposed to be out by 10 a.m. because we had to return the car by 10 and our flight wasn’t until later that evening. Had we been out at 10, we would have had to take our suitcase and our personal bags with us wherever we went until our flight that evening, so that was super generous of them to allow us to stay for a while when they didn’t have to!

We returned to reality late on Wednesday evening, and while we wished we could have stayed a bit longer to soak up the sun, we were so excited to see our boys again. We both decided that our next beach vacation would be our whole family, so if you have an recommendations on some great family beaches, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below! We hope you enjoyed this post about our time in Fort Lauderdale, and we’ll start getting back to some more bucket list posts later this month! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

With love,
The Fosters


Hey friends! As you can infer by the title, we just wanted to do a quick little life update for you all! It’s been a little while since our last post, and we desperately want to get back into our bucket list posts, but more importantly, we’ve been planning out how we want to attack our future! Below, we’re going to outline some of our goals for the future, and we’d love to hear what yours are as well!

One thing that we’ve found out about ourselves since the worldwide shut down is this: We have a strong desire to live life to the fullest, but to live life on our own terms. Over the past few weeks, we’ve felt a stronger desire to find ways to create freedom of time and income. Almost everyone would like to do the above things, but we’re ready to create an action plan to do so! Here are just a couple things we are planning out over the next couple years to make this happen:

  1. Getting back into our groove of writing out our bucket list destinations. It was certainly fun to do one every single day while we were both home all day long, but now that life is somewhat normalizing and we have to work, every day just isn’t realistic. Our goal is to publish a blog post each week, ranging from a new bucket list destination to our tips for traveling with young children. We both enjoy writing very much, and it’s time to get back into the groove!
  2. Creating our YouTube channel! We’d love to be able to vlog our travel journeys, but without that being much of a possibility right now, we still want to start documenting and sharing our lives with all of you!
  3. Starting our travel and blogging podcast! Podcasting seems to be all the rage today, and while that partially factors in to our desire to start one, we also just enjoy having long form conversations about our interests. We want to be able to connect and communicate with travel lovers and travel bloggers from all over the world, and be able to actually go into detail and provide context through our conversations!
  4. Starting an activewear clothing company, with a specialty in Jogger pants! I wear the same pair of joggers probably three times a week (washed, of course), and I find that they’re the most comfortable things for me to wear while I’m walking around, exercising, do outdoor work, etc., so I told myself….”Hey, why not make your own and share them with those that you’ve connected with?” So over the next few months, I’ll be planning out a way to create some awesome joggers for those of you that enjoy being active and are looking for a comfortable pair of pants to do so!

So there you have it! Those are a couple of our plans to help us achieve our goals! Also, another quick update for you: We’re now one month away from our due date of our 2nd baby boy joining us in this world! We both have a feeling he’s coming early, but we’ll leave that for him to decide 🙂

Have a great week everyone! As always, make sure to connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Love you all!


Trip Review: Nashville

Good evening friends! If you follow us on social media, you know that we spent our weekend in Nashville as a bit of a “baby moon” before our son, Roman, arrives to meet us in September. As part of our blog, we want to do a thorough review of all of our trips in case you all decide it sounds like something you’d like to do in the future! In this post, we’re going to go over what we did, what we enjoyed, and what we would change for next time. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

First: Accommodations.

During our visit to Nashville, we stayed in the Niido apartment complex (extremely AirBnB friendly), just a couple blocks from Broadway Avenue (for our foreign friends, this is the main area that Nashville is famous for). We use Airbnb for almost all of our travels nowadays, so it was a very good fit for us that the Niido building literally said “Powered by Airbnb” (I’m assuming AirBnB has some sort of ownership stake) on the side of it. Everything access related, from entering the parking garage to unlocking/locking your room, was done through Latch, an app that allows you to open doors and elevators through Bluetooth. This is extremely convenient for both owners and visitors, as there’s no need for a lengthy check-in, etc. The other thing that makes this attractive for renters is the fact that the complex will clean the room for you if you’re renting it out on Airbnb. We’re now actually exploring the possibility of renting one of these apartments for that very reason.

Because this apartment actually has a resident (who is currently residing in another state), we won’t post any pictures for privacy’s sake, but the apartment was about 800 square feet, extremely clean, and simple yet beautifully decorated. It was a one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartment, so perfect for what we needed for the weekend. Not only was the apartment extremely attractive, but its proximity to the center of downtown really excited us. We will definitely be checking Niido first when looking at future trips to Nashville. The last thing we’ll mention about the accommodations is the price. For this particular trip, we paid just about $70 per night, which is INCREDIBLE for the location and cleanliness of this place; however, this is mainly due to the fact that travel is low right now, and the pricing during other parts of the year are over $200 per night. I still think the place was beautiful, but we may have done some more research for other places had it been at that price point for the time being. All in all, our accommodations get an A!

Next: Activities

Most of you know that I (Madison), am a major foodie, so along with our activities, we’re going to include some of the restaurants we ate at, and which ones we would recommend to you!


We left for Nashville on Friday around 10:00 a.m. and stopped in Germantown, a section of Louisville, KY. I know, this isn’t Nashville, but the place we stopped for lunch is a MUST-HAVE if you pass through there on your way! We ate at a small place called Monnik Beer Company, which specializes in German food (makes sense, being in Germantown…). Rebecca ordered the Reuben, I ordered the Pork Schnitzel, and we split an order of fries that was smothered with gravy and beef that they use for their Sauerbraten. Let me tell you…..I’m a huge fan of German food, and this may have been the best pork schnitzel I’ve had in my life! If you’re ever driving through Louisville and need to stop for lunch, Monnik is an absolute must-try!

After we arrived at our room and rested for about an hour, we went to a local restaurant/bar called the Listening Room, where each night, a musician has a private concert for what I’m guessing would be a couple hundred people. With social distancing guidelines and caps on how many people can be in one space, I’d say there were probably 50 people there, all at tables that were well over 6 feet apart. The music was amazing, and I’d invite you to check the artists out on YouTube if you’re able! Their names are Nick Wayne and Hannah Ellis if you’re interested. While the house lager was a great beer at the Listening Room, we went for something a little lighter to eat. We shared a small order of chicken wings and a small order of fries (I said “lighter,” not “light”). The fries were very good, but I do think the wings were pretty underwhelming. Granted, I think the main allure of this place is the live music, but I would definitely order something different next time. After that, we walked over to Broadway Ave. and found a great little dessert shop called Legendairy Milkshake Bar. To give you some perspective, their milkshakes are $14 dollars and are 16 oz, so I’d recommend you go here well after you’ve already had dinner! Our milkshakes were delicious, but neither of us finished half! After drowning ourselves in pure, sugar heaven, we walked back to our room and called it a night.


We began the day by having breakfast at a local place called Milk and Honey, where Rebecca had the California breakfast sandwich, I had a sourdough breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese, and we split a bowl of pineapple. I had to get some fruit in along with all the starch I was having (I had potatoes as my side)!

Rebecca was nice enough to schedule us a tee time at one of the nicest golf courses in Tennessee: The Gaylord Springs Golf Links. This was, by far, the best golf course I’ve ever played on, and while Rebecca wasn’t able to swing more than just a couple swings on the driving range, she had a blast driving the cart around and giving me advice on shots, which of course, I took! Neither of us is a great golfer, so our collaboration was more sarcastic than anything else, but it was a great time nonetheless! One of the things we would have done differently is schedule the tee time earlier. Ours was at 10:10 a.m., so it was extremely hot and muggy around noon. This is a really small thing to complain about, but it’s the only thing we would change about this particular activity. A short mention about lunch; we at lunch at the course (Madison: Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, Rebecca: Turkey Sandwich), and while there was nothing particularly special about it, they were just really good, refreshing sandwiches!

While we were extremely tired after golf, we wanted to do a little shopping at the Opry Mills Outlet Mall. I actually slept in the car for about an hour while Rebecca shopped! Yeah, I was that tired. Afterward, we went back to the apartment for a nice, long, much-needed nap! For dinner, Rebecca was really craving pizza, and we wanted to explore Broadway Ave. a little more, so we found a Mellow Mushroom right on the edge of the strip. I’ve had Mellow Mushroom several times before, but Rebecca had never had it, so this was a great choice! If you’ve never been, this is going to be a solid choice for you, day or night. I will add that while we were on the rooftop at Mellow Mushroom, the Black Lives Matter protest, which was labeled “I Will Breathe,” came through Broadway Ave., and Rebecca and I both admired as the group exercised their free speech and protested for justice for the murder of George Floyd. I did not feel it right of us to go through this entire post without mentioning this. We are deeply saddened by this situation, and we know that we can’t possibly understand what our friends of color go through on a daily basis, and we desperately want to raise our sons in a manner that reflects our character; that no matter what color someone is, we love and respect everyone equally, and we promise to take actionable steps to combat racism. Talk is cheap, so we intend to back it up!


We called it an early night after having pizza for dinner on Saturday. On Sunday morning, we cleaned, packed, and took off, but first, we stopped for brunch at a small diner simply called, “The Diner.” I don’t recall what Rebecca ordered, and she’s asleep next to me as I write, so there’s no WAY I’m going to interrupt that! I, however, remember what I had! This was the first place that I got something native to the city…..Nashville hot chicken! Because it was brunch, I got the Nashville hot chicken Belgian waffles, and my oh my, they were so worth it. I will tell you though…..Nashville hot chicken isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you aren’t into spicy food, steer away! If you’re a spicy eater, however, and you like chicken and waffles, this place is a must-have on your stay in Nashville!

Last: Wrap-up

In conclusion, we had a successful weekend, and although it was supposed to be a surprise that Rebecca planned out (a notification from Google Calendar popped up the night before we left), we still enjoyed every bit of it! For future reference, the wrap-up section is where I’ll add in anything we would change going forward, and any advice we have for all of you. The obvious thing we would change first and be able to stay there longer. Nashville is an easy 4-and-a-half-hour drive for us, so a weekend trip is definitely worth it, but we just would’ve liked maybe one or two extra days to enjoy the city. The next change we would make is to give ourselves more time to explore Broadway Avenue. There are so many cool shops, restaurants, and bars along this strip that I think having a full day just to visit all of them would definitely be something we do next time. The last thing we would do is take more advantage of the amenities at the apartment complex, but most of them were closed due to the pandemic, which is totally understandable. Our biggest piece of advice to you would be to build in some rest time! While it may seem to be counter productive to “not be doing something” while on vacation, the couple hours we took to rest on Saturday before dinner were incredibly valuable. The worst thing about a vacation is coming back home and feeling more exhausted and drained than when you left, so build in some time to relax and recharge!

Alright, my friends, that’s it for our first-ever Trip Review post! I hope this was of some value to you all. We look forward to several more posts like these, as the world continues to heal, and we get to experience the rest of this world piece by piece 🙂 Love you all! Have a phenomenal rest of your evening!


Rebecca’s 5 Baby Moon Must Haves

This post contains affiliate links.

This weekend Madison and I will be traveling away for a Baby Moon! Currently, Madison doesn’t know where we are going, but I know he will love it! Below is my list of 5 things I’m most excited about taking along. Check back next week to hear Madison’s take on our surprise destination and traveling during a pandemic!

  1. Weekender Bag
Affiliate Link
Click on picture to shop – Purchased in Navy Blue

What I love:

  • A bottom compartment so my shoes don’t have to mix with my clothes.
  • 7 inside pockets for me to stay organized
  • Can be used with the arm or cross body straps

  1. Maternity Swimsuit
Click on picture to shop –Purchased in color Slate Blue

What I love:

  • Fits true to pre pregnancy size. I am 5′ 7″ and before baby #2 weighed 148lbs and ordered a size medium.
  • At 23 weeks my belly still has room to grow but it doesn’t look like it’s too big.
  • Modesty – with a growing bust I feel secure and covered.

  1. Hairdryer Brush
Click on picture to shop

What I love:

  • I can do my hair in 5 minutes or less!
  • My hair is pretty straight naturally and with this I don’t need to go over my hair with the straightener.
  • No concern about my baby burning himself with this like I have with my straightener.

  1. Summer Dress
Click on picture to shop –Purchased in Color: Z.hunterbr

What I love:

  • Lightweight material is my favorite about this! I’m always hot so I don’t want to sacrifice being hot for being cute.
  • Gathering under the bust dresses up this dress just enough to take from a day of shopping to dinner.
  • So many colors to choose from – I purchased Color: Z.hunterbr.

  1. Comfy Shoes
Click on picture to shop –Purchased color Black 1

What I love:

  • These are so comfortable! They have amazing foot-bed support which allows me to wear them all day long.
  • The leather is so tough and durable I know they will last me a long time.
  • They are very slip resistant which gives this clumsy prego peace of mind.

Bucket List #26: Sydney

Is it weird that the first time I ever wanted to go to Sydney was after watching “Finding Nemo?” Yeah? Okay, fine. Anyways, it’s great to be back behind the keyboard for something other than arranging a spreadsheet! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but with states allowing people to start returning to work, the preparation and training has begun, and along with that comes the mundane tasks like sort spreadsheets, basic cleaning, forecasting, and of course, chatting with vendors to see how the pandemic has affected their companies as well. All in all, being able to connect with all of you on social media and through some of the comments on our posts has been amazing, and it provides such a nice escape! As we’ve plainly stated here and on social media, we’d love to get to a point where we can travel and blog full time, but until then, work must go on! I will be updating you all with a schedule in the coming days so you know when to expect posts! I’m sure it won’t be daily as it was in the beginning of our lockdown, but it will be as frequently as it possibly can under the current circumstances. But with all that being said, I’m really excited to talk about Sydney! I’ve actually had a couple friends from high school that have lived there for an extended amount of time, and I get jealous every time I see them posting photos! Here are the 3 things we want to visit in Sydney, along with some local foods we want to try 🙂

First: Sydney Opera House.

If you didn’t know this would be first, then you DEFINITELY haven’t read any of our posts before! That’s okay, we’ll allow it……this time. The theater is something very dear to my heart, and this is easily one of the most recognizable in the world. We would, without a doubt, be taking the guided tour, as the history is just as cool, to me, as the theater itself. Many a show will be taken in while on our visit to Sydney!

Next: Taronga Zoo.

While almost every place we’ve written about has had a zoo, we haven’t put those in our places to visit yet. However, seeing how much Griffin has loved animals lately (being around dogs and constantly screaming “Birdie!”), and being so intrigued by the Aussie wildlife, this would be a perfect place for our little family to go! With Rebecca being due in September, however, this trip will be one for a couple years down the road, as I would want Roman to be able to experience all of this with us as well 🙂

Last: Hyde Park

Along with our little family theme of seeing the zoo, Hyde Park is a great place for Rebecca and I to get in some people-watching, and for the family to have a picnic! Hyde Park is also surrounded by beautiful buildings, including a few museums, so I can get my history fix in while we’re there. Fun fact that has absolutely nothing to do with this trip; I had my first ever taste of Wagyu beef at a restaurant near home called Hyde Park. Now that you learned something about me that you’ll literally never need to know, let’s move on to my always-favorite part of my posts: FOOD!

Here are a few things we want to try in Sydney!

  1. Beetroot burger
    • I admit, this sounds incredibly odd…If there’s one thing us Americans can lay claim to, it’s being the burger capital of the world. I can’t say I’ve ever even thought of putting beetroot on a burger, but I’ll never judge until I try! I just hope it doesn’t ruin a perfectly good burger……
  2. Kangaroo
    • To show you how uncultured I am, I literally had no idea that kangaroo was eaten until looking it up for this article! I’m always interested in trying meat other than the traditional beef, poultry, or pork. I sometimes find it difficult to get the “gamey” taste out of my mouth with certain meats, but I’m always down to try a new one!
  3. Fantales
    • Gotta have a sweet treat, right? Nice and simple, this is chewy caramel wrapped in milk chocolate….my favorite kind of chocolate! If it’s got caramel in it, I’ll eat it no questions asked!

That’s all I have for Sydney, my friends! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 like I said earlier, I’ll lay out a schedule for you in the next couple of days, both so you know when to expect another post, and so I have something to stay accountable to! It’s been easy to let procrastination and “life” get in the way of cutting out time, but it’s a must, especially if we want to do this full time someday! Also, this is the first and only time I’ll mention this, but we added a plugin to all of our pages on the bottom right. It looks like a cup of coffee, and it will ask if you’d like to donate a “cup of coffee” to help keep the site running. We don’t want you to get bombarded with ads, so this is the path we’ve chosen for potentially earning an income through blogging. Like I said, I’ll (probably) never mention it again, but I just wanted anyone that reads this to be aware in case they were feeling extra generous one of these days 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your evening!


Bucket List #25: Quebec City

Out of all the posts I’ve written so far, I’ve yet to write about our friends to the North! There are actually a lot of places in Canada that I’d like to visit, so expect more form this beautiful country in the near future! Also, apologies for the length of time it’s taken me to get back on the wagon of writing these daily posts! Our state has opened up at 25% capacity, so we’ve just been getting things ready for an eventual return, and it’s taken a little cut into our time and energy, but I want to get back to a good routine for these posts! After all, there’s no shortage of bucket list destinations I have in store for you 🙂 so, let’s talk about Quebec City! Here are the 3 things we want to do, and the 3 foods we want to try.

First: La Citadelle de Québec

Home to the oldest military building in Canada, La Citadelle was built in the 1820s (the modern portion), and was given to the Canadian government by the British in the 1870s. Since then, it’s been used as an active military site, and receives over 200,000 visitors every year. This is another cool place to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard. I’m not sure why I find that so interesting, but I’ve always had such an admiration for those that defend our countries, and this would be no exception!

Next: Observatoire de la Capitale

As the name would imply, this is an observatory that sits on the 31st floor of the Marie-Guyart Building. Anywhere I go that has access to a 360 panoramic view, you better believe that I’m going! We’ll also get to experience the interactive exhibits that go through this history of Quebec City, so I’ll get my historical fix as well!

Last: Carnaval de Québec

We have another Carnaval! I have talked about a carnaval since Rio de Janeiro, so this will be fun, albeit very different! This celebration takes place over two weeks in January and February, and is full of dogsled races, skating, sledding, and…..shiver……snow swimming! I’m assuming this is equivalent of what we call “Polar Bear Plunges,” but nonetheless, this sounds like an amazing celebration that we will attend! That solves our planning of when the trip will occur!

Speaking of which, Rebecca and I are finally planning another trip! While we are supremely aware that the world isn’t out of the woods yet with this crazy situation, we know that in 2021, there will be opportunities to go other places. Seeing how our baby, Roman, will be born in September, we’ll most likely want to keep it short, so I don’t see us leaving the States, but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!

Now, let’s talk about some food we want to try in Quebec City!

  1. Poutine
    • I’ve had things that are similar to poutine, but never the real deal. Trust me, I will eat every bit of it in sight! Essentially, this dish is a combination of french fries and cheese curds, all covered in gravy. How this isn’t an American popularity is beyond me! My arteries will be disappointed, but my stomach won’t be!
  2. Crepes
    • They’re savory, they’re sweet, they’re basically whatever you want them to be, and we love them! My grandmother actually used to make us “pancakes” when we were younger, but looking back, they were actually very close to being crepes, so I’ve preferred them much more than anything else. I’m weird enough that I might make a day of crepes only out of this vacation. Sweet for breakfast, savory for lunch, and maybe a bit of both for dinner 🙂
  3. Tim Hortons
    • I know, it isn’t a dish, but Tim Hortons will be a daily stop for us. Whether it’s just what’s sold to us on American t.v., or if Canadians actually love Tim Hortons as much as it’s broadcasted, I know exactly where I’m getting my cup of jo and morning doughnut!

Okay friends, that’s all we have for Quebec City! Like I said, expect more bucket list destinations from our friends to the North in the near future! I hope you all had a wonderful day, and that you have an even better tomorrow 🙂


Bucket List #24: Kraków

I’ve been wanting to post about Kraków for a few days, but with us skipping bucket list #22, and wanting to spill a little about our quarantine experience, it got pushed to today. I was actually inspired to write about Poland by Rebecca’s sister-in-law, who was actually born in Poland, speaks Polish completely fluently, and has parents in the states that have lived in Poland their whole lives! I foresee another post about Poland in the near future (Warsaw, to be specific), but I want to start with Kraków due to the heritage of our sister-in-law! I do also want to address something really quickly. With my return to the office to continue preparing for what seems like a near return in our state, there isn’t nearly as much time to plan posts out or to write the post out, but I am still loving all of the writing. I wouldn’t consider stopping for anything, but I just wanted to make sure there was some context behind why there might not be as much playful banter at the beginning of posts, and why we might start jumping straight into our 3 attractions and 3 dishes. That being said, hopefully we could get to a point where writing would get us to the income level of being able to switch lines of work, but we’ll see what happens! Now, enough of all that, let’s get to the 3 things we wan to do on a trip to Kraków!

First: Schindler’s Factory

I’m sure most of us have seen Schindler’s List (we were required to watch it during my senior year of high school), and this is the very factory in which the movie is based. While some of the factory was converted into an art museum, much of it still remains intact from World War 2 times, and there are several pieces on display that were built by the workers and preserved through today. I’m extremely interested in World War 2 history, so this would be a fantastic place to start and learn on our visit to Kraków.

Next: Wawel Castle

You know I love a good castle 🙂 this castle is not only gorgeous, but it was also the 1st ever World Heritage Site named by UNESCO. It was built between the 13th and 14th century, and there are several tours that can be taken through the castle. I’d be most interested in seeing the Royal Private Apartments, where you can see the chambers of former Kings, Queens, and other royalty.

Last: Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka is just outside of Kraków, and in this little town is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of! One thing I learned about Kraków is that it’s growth was heavily due to the production and sale of salt, and the Wieliczka Salt Mine was a big factor in that growth. The cool thing, however, is that inside of the mine is a 465 square meter chapel, known as St. Kinga’s Chapel, and it’s made entirely of salt! It’s more than 100 meters underground, and parties/events can be held there holding a maximum of around 400 people. Pretty cool, huh?

Alright, that’s really cool, but what’s even cooler is the amazing food we’re going to try! Here are the 3 foods we want to try while in Kraków.

  1. Every single pierogi in Poland
    • Sure, I’ve had some at restaurants, and I’ve even had the frozen ones that you can get at any supermarket, but I NEED some real, authentic pierogies! I’ll be sure to eat enough for both you and me 🙂
  2. Bigos
    • A traditional holiday stew (again with the soups and stews), this is made with sauerkraut and usually given volume with kielbasa and pork. Can I have 3 bowls? No? Okay…
  3. Paczki
    • I have to throw in a dessert, right? Paczkis are basically the same as American donuts, but lighter, fluffier, and slightly less dense. According to, this is due to the dough containing a tiny bit of grain alcohol so the oil doesn’t absorbed when being cooked. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take one filled with raspberry jam please!

Honorable mention: Beer. That’s all 🙂 Poland has a very happening beer scene, and as an avid beer drinker, this is my complete list of honorable mentions!

Okay friends, that’s it for Kraków! Also, make sure to tune in to tomorrow’s post if you’re interested in hearing about the theme for next week! Hope you all have a great rest of your evening 🙂


Bucket List #23: Natadola Beach, Fiji

I must admit, friends, there has been somewhat of a lack of motivation on my part yesterday and today. It could be the lockdown, it could be the joy of finding out we’re having a baby boy, or it could just be “one of those days.” In any case, I chose to skip yesterday’s post to celebrate us finding out that Griffin will be a big brother in September, and we’ve chosen to name him Roman Ray Foster! If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know this already, but we just wanted to share it with those of you that haven’t seen it yet. Today’s post will be slightly different in the sense that I’d like to write about EXACTLY what I want to be doing at this moment. All of my ‘bucket list’ posts are places that I would love to see, but not all of them are things I want to do right this second. I’d like to plan them out and make sure we’re ready for it. For today though, this is what I wish I was doing to decompress from this lockdown. There are so many people that have had it more difficult that we have, and we are so unbelievably blessed to have had good health through this whole situation, but the recent week has become a little draining on our mental state. We’re still staying positive, but this is where I want to be to chill out and let go for a while 🙂 Here’s what we want to do on a vacation to Natadola Beach in Fiji!

You’re gonna love this……

Are you ready?

Just. Do. Nothing.

Yes, I did realize that that sounds like a cop-out, but I’m saying it anyways! One of the things that’s been difficult about this lockdown is the amount of time we’ve been searching for something to do, without letting ourselves just do nothing for a while. All of the parents will shout “AMEN” when they hear this, but having a toddler that does nothing but go makes it difficult to stop and do nothing at any point in the day, but especially when both mommy and daddy get to be home to play with him all day long! When I first wrote, “Just. Do. Nothing.,” I thought to myself, how does that even make sense right now? We have all day to do that, right? However, I can confidently say that we’re both more mentally drained right now that we’ve ever been.

To be 100% honest with you, when this lockdown first started, I was looking forward to the extra time at home with Rebecca and Griffin. I’d been telling Rebecca lately that I wish I could be home more and that my goal in building our business (and now this blog) was to ultimately free up our location requirements that are attached to our income, that way I can be with them wherever we want and still be able to work. The first few days were magnificent! Obviously, we were devastated at what was happening in the world, and we will never take that lightly, but I was able to be home with that all day long with nowhere else to be, even if it was a governmental mandate. I got to play with Griffin as much as I wanted, which I’m sure was a nice change of pace for momma, and her and I were able to go on walks together and spend much needed time together. However, there came a point, and everyone will know what I mean, when it felt like every day started to blend together: Go to be early because there was nothing to do, wake up late because there was nowhere to be, eat breakfast, play with Griffin, lunch time, nap time, play some more, dinner, and off to bed again.

Let me continue to make this clear….we’re so grateful that we’ve maintained our health so far, and we’ll continue to do what we need to do to make sure that stays the same for us and for those around us. That being said, we know we aren’t the only ones who have struggled with mental health during this situation. Here are a couple reasons why we want to go to the beach and do nothing for a little while:

  1. Mental health status
  2. We’re firm believers in “change is as good as a rest,” so even though we aren’t doing a ton right now, I think doing “not much” somewhere else that’s not home would feel fantastic, and…
  3. We’ve had so many vacation plans ruined over the last two years, we’re just ready for one to work out, even if it means flying somewhere with no agenda! We’ve had plans to go live in Europe for 3 months foiled, a trip to Disney that was interrupted by life, and another trip we were going to do to Disney this fall, which, for obvious reason, won’t be happening.

We just need a win when it comes to the travel department of our lives! Don’t get me wrong, we love being together, we love living in Indiana, and we’re genuinely happy people, but we just want to do life together in a different place sometimes, and that’s where Fiji comes in 🙂

Natadola Beach is widely regarded as the most beautiful beach in Fiji, so if we’re gonna fly all the way around the world, it might as well be the best! Here’s my ideal beach day:

We wake up, not too late, but not so early that we don’t feel refreshed (maybe 8:30 a.m.). We go grab breakfast, preferably one that includes some orange juice that may or may not be spiked….go out to the beach and toss the football around with Griffin. He can’t play catch quite yet, but he sure loves throwing the ball and going and getting it by himself! Then, we take that perfect Instagram photo, you know, the one where we’re looking out at the water with just our legs visible in the picture to let you know we’re really there? I like to be out in the water with my chair, enough that is brushes up underneath me, but doesn’t take me completely under. After beach time, we go to lunch and take a nap. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we all need a nap on vacation! After nap time, I’m think some sort of attraction like zip lining in Nadi or taking a Fijan day cruise. I know it’s not “nothing,” but it’s more relaxing and less brain power than taking in a museum (I still love them, I just want to take my ‘nothing’ vacation first!). Afterwards, we go to dinner at one of the local restaurants. I want to go somewhere in Nadi that’s full of authentic Fijan cuisine and not geared for tourists (I’m seeing a restaurant called “Tu’s Place” that’s popping up frequently). After dinner, it’s back to the beach for an hour or two to take in the beautiful sunset. THAT…is my perfect day at Natadola Beach 🙂

Thank you for reading! Love you all!