Bucket List #17: Liechtenstein

This was an interesting one for me. Mostly because I knew absolutely NOTHING about this country before I started researching for this post. I do want to put out a side note really quickly. I’m using the population numbers from worldometers.info, and the website has the population of Gibraltar listed as being lower than San Marino. I did, however, confirm that Gibraltar is technically a territory and not a country. I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone wanted to check and see what I’m getting my info and why I didn’t include Gibraltar, but now, let’s get on to the fascinating little country of Liechtenstein! (population: ~38,000)

First: Gutenberg Castle

Built around the year 1100, this castle is beautifully preserved and is open to the public, as it’s not currently occupied as a residence. If you’ve read even one my blogs, you know that this is a no brainer for me! First of all….the year 1100?? Holy cow! The history alone intrigues me to the max. Best of all? It’s free! Everyone can do free 🙂 there are also open air concerts hosted at this venue, so we would definitely want to take in some music with this amazing work of art in the background!

Next: Liechtenstein National Museum

Located in the capital city, Vaduz, this beautiful building was constructed in the 15th century as an inn, and is chock full of historical artifacts that pre-date the country’s history, and it’s also attached to the Postal Museum, which displays every postage stamp that’s been issued in Liechtenstein’s history. That may or may not interest you, but I thought it was cool!

Last: The Liechtenstein Festival

The Liechtenstein Festival is a two day event held in the city of Shaan, which is one of the country’s oldest cities. Full of music and local food, this would be an unbelievable way to get to know the culture, and, if I may say, have fun partying with the true Liechtensteiners! The only other festival we’ve written about is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, so we figured we could have fun at another party or two in the locations we’re writing about 🙂

Now, on to the food! This is part of the “I knew nothing about this country” that I was talking about earlier. Liechtenstein is landlocked by Austria and Switzerland, two countries that I also have no idea about the food culture, so I didn’t even have a reference point to jump from. At least with San Marino, I could basically assume they ate Italian food! But aside from all that, here are three foods we’re going to try in Liechtenstein!

  1. Kaesknoepfle
    • This is a traditional pasta dish that’s combined with melted cheese, and served with fried onions on top. What more do we need? Carbs, cheese, and something fried! That could almost be it’s own holy trinity (you know, like onion, celery, and bell pepper is to Cajun cooking?).
  2. Jugged venison with Knoepfle
    • There are a few variations of this recipe that I found (some far different that others) but I found one thing to be common: the dish features venison that is floured, browned, and put in a pot full of vegetables, filled with red wine to deglaze the pan and provide extra richness, and served with on top of Knoepfle, a regional pasta dish similar to German spaetzle.
  3. Ribel
    • While I didn’t find this to be particularly excited, it does sound versatile and delicious! This is a cornmeal dish in which butter, milk, and water are emulsified and brought to a boil, the cornmeal is stirred in, and when the Ribel has “set,” its put back on the heat again to roast, turning it into a sort of crumble that’s served with different fruits like elderberry sauce and apple compote.

As an honorable mention for the food, I have to say that we’re very excited for the beer in Liechtenstein as well! This region of the world is extremely popular for their beer, and Liechtenstein is no exception! There are 3 active microbreweries in the country, the most popular being Liechtensteiner Brewhaus. With 25 different beers being brewed at this brewery, there will be no shortage of samples being had!

Alright my friends, that’s all I have for Liechtenstein! Can I admit something to you? This was the most fun post that I’ve written yet! It’s partially because I had zero frame of reference, so everything I learned was brand new, but also because the writing community, as a whole, has been so supportive since we started this blog, and we couldn’t be thankful for every one that reads and supports us 🙂 You all are the best!