Bucket List USA #2: Los Angeles

I have to tell you all…..I really needed a break from today to write this post! As we all know, this pandemic has wreaked a lot of havoc in everyday citizens’ lives, and Rebecca and I are no different. Today has been full of busywork at the office, but writing about my travel dreams is one thing that pulls me out of reality and lets me escape for just a little while! I think that Los Angeles is probably equal with New York on my list of places I need to visit in my home country. In many ways, the things that draw me here are similar to those of NYC: culture, history, arts, and the every day hustle and bustle of the city. With that being said, here are the three things I MUST do when our family visits LA 🙂

First: Griffith Park and Observatory.

I really didn’t know much about this attraction until doing some further research. First and foremost, I have to point something out; This place was named after a man named Griffith J. Griffith! I don’t know much about the man, but it made me want to ask his parents, “So what’s the deal with the whole ‘same name’ thing you have going on with Griffith?” I know, I’m dumb, but that fascinated me! Griffith Park is the largest state park in California and is home to a zoo, planetarium, and some of the most scenic views you can have in all of the West Coast.

Next: Hollywood.

I mean…duh! I don’t think any trip to LA would be complete without walking down the Walk of Fame, or getting to see the hillside Hollywood sign. Of course, the odds of seeing some celebrities greatly increases by going into Hollywood as well, so this is a virtual must-do for our family!

Last: Natural History Museum of LA County.

As you know well by now, my supreme interest in history definitely contributes to this attraction. One of the things I feel obligated to do in my travels is to learn more about the place I’m visiting. I don’t say “obligated” as a bad thing either, I just feel that it’s great to have more knowledge and context about the place I’m exploring. Although I’m sure I’ll spend a TON (and I mean a ton) of time in the dinosaur exhibit, there’s also an exhibit that covers 500 years worth of So-Cal history! Nerd Madison is coming out now 🙂

Here we go, my favorite part….three dishes famous in LA that I HAVE to have while I’m there! Also, I’m sure there will be a large discrepancy of opinion here considering LA is such a massive melting pot of nationalities, but we’ll make it work!

  1. French Dip Sandwich
    • This one seems to be on every list I can find about popular dishes in LA. I’m a huge fan of French dip sandwiches, so count me in for 4 or 5! I, however, don’t like my bread to be as greasy as some, so I’d rather save all the dip for the au jus sauce 🙂
  2. Sushi (specifically, the California Roll)
    • If you read my post about Tokyo, you know how much I love sushi! So, why the heck wouldn’t I devour some California roll while I’m there??
  3. In-n-Out Burger
    • How American of me lol! I’ve had In-n-Out several times during my days in college. Our baseball team would play in Arizona for 10 days before it got warm back in Illinois (where our college was), and there was an In-n-Out right next to the stadium we played in. Needless to say, since In-n-Out in a West Coast chain, we frequented this amazing burger joint. It’s definitely highly disputed which chain is the best (In-n-Out, Whataburger, Five Guys, etc…), but there’s no doubt that In-n-Out would be a staple of my trip to LA. For those of you that have never been, order your fries “animal style.” You will NOT be disappointed!

Let me know about your experiences in LA!