The Least Visited Country in the World: Nauru

Nauru, a small island nation located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is the least visited country in the world. It’s the smallest independent republic in the world in both land area and population. In fact, it would only take you roughly 30 minutes to circle the entire island by car.! Despite its size, Nauru has a rich history and culture that make it an interesting and unique destination for travelers! However, due to several factors, it’s the least visited with just over 200 tourists per year.

There are several reasons why Nauru is so rarely visited by tourists. The most obvious is its remote location. It’s located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so it’s incredibly difficult and expensive to get to. There are no direct flights from any major cities, so travelers have to make multiple connections to reach the island.

Another reason for Nauru’s lack of tourism is its small size (just over 8 square miles). With a population of just over 11,000 people, there aren’t many attractions or activities to do on the island. There are no major landmarks or historical sites, and the island’s economy is largely based on phosphate mining, which isn’t particularly interesting to tourists.

Despite these challenges, there are still a few reasons why people should consider visiting Nauru! One of the biggest draws is the pristine beaches and clear blue waters. Nauru is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and visitors can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and other water sports.

Another reason to visit Nauru is its unique culture and history. The island has a long history of colonization, with influences from various European powers, as well as its neighboring countries in the Pacific. Visitors can learn about this history at the Nauru Museum, which showcases the island’s cultural and natural history.

You know us: we’re major foodies, so it wouldn’t be a blog post by the Fosters if it didn’t include a restaurant we wanted to visit. If you’re planning a trip to Nauru, check out the Taman Beach Restaurant. Located on the island’s west coast, this restaurant serves local cuisine (copious amounts of seafood and pandanus fruit) and offers breathtaking views of the ocean: the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal and a drink!

Nauru may not be the most popular tourist destination in the world, but it’s a unique and interesting place to visit. With its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and unique history, it is worth considering for a bucket list vacation!

With Love,

The Fosters